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Wayne Gomillion

IkEA Guru

"When life gets complicated I help make things simple"

As a licensed and insured NYC home improvement contractor, I have loved building and fixing things since I was a child. At age 5, I took apart a clock radio to see how it worked. Since then, I shifted my focus from taking things apart to putting things together. At Installers NYC, I work with a small team of colleagues family members and long-time friends. Like you, I want to work with people I know and trust.  Your time is valuable. I respond to messages quickly, help you on short notice, assemble your furniture expertly, and leave your home or office in good order. 

I Promise You

Professional Quality

Affordable Price

100% Satisfaction

We have assemble furniture for hundreds of satisfied clients in the New York area because we are expert at what we do, we treat your family with the same care as ours, we are happy only when you are happy.  

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Expert IKEA Shopping & Assembly Services

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